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ATU Systems...
Aerobic Treatment Unit Septic Systems (ATU’s)
Aerobic systems are well suited for smaller lots where the lot size won’t allow for the requirements and setbacks of conventional drain fields as well as areas that are near environmentally sensitive areas like waterways, wetlands, and areas where the water table is close to the ground. These systems utilize air to allow for quicker and cleaner treatment of wastewater before it is discharged into the drain field. There are many different models and manufacturers. Once installed, ATU’s require yearly maintenance contracts with a company or maintenance entity that is certified, trained and qualified to provide maintenance to your particular type of ATU.
Master Plumbers is certified to maintain the following ATU’s
  • Norweco
  • Mighty Mac
  • A-1 Best
  • Hoot
  • Cajun Aire
  • Aqua Safe and Aqua Aire
Maintenance Contracts on ATU’s
State statutes require that all ATU systems must have a yearly contract with an authorized maintenance provider for the life of the system. The maintenance entity is required to inspect the ATU twice per year and to report their findings to the local health department as well as the customer. The local health department also provides one state inspection per year. This is to be sure the system is operating properly. Some systems are performance based also and require more thorough inspection and testing throughout the year. Qualified Maintenance Entities must possess: an annual permit from the Department of Health, certification from the Manufacturer, system Maintenance and Operating Manuals, adequate staff, equipments, parts and components for repair, copies of inspections, a current license and proper insurance.
During an ATU Inspection Master Plumbers:
  • Tests mechanical parts and control panels
  • Inspects for structural defects and/or damages
  • Measures solids and scum levels
  • Visual analyzes of wastewater clarity
  • Tests alarms
  • Inspects drain field area for vegetation and signs of failure
  • Repairs or replaces malfunctioning parts/components*
  • Tests air compressor *
  • Check reactor chambers for proper operation and clarity
  • Changes micro filter
  • Inspect effluent color and odor
  • Clean air filters
  • Provides written reports to both the homeowner and the local Department of Health
* As a company policy repairs of broken parts are not included in the price of the yearly contract; however as a customer courtesy we do occasionally make small repairs necessary to your system’s maintenance.
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