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Backflow Installation, Repair and Certification
Master Plumbers is a certified Backflow Prevention Tester: Certificate #V08-10-8982. We install, repair and certify backflows. Our company has completed the examinations for Backflow Prevention Tester Training and Certification through the University of Florida TREEO Center (Center for Training Research and Education for Environmental Occupations). This course is endorsed by the Florida Section of the American Water Works Association.

Backflow certification with the University of Florida TREEO Center ensures hands-on training that applies the highest standards in the industry. Backflow certification with the TREEO Center ensures that preparation for work in the field is thorough with up-to-date knowledge on advancements and changes in the industry. Certification must be and is kept current. Onsite field consulting is available and annual equipment certification is maintained.

Understanding Backflows and Backflow Prevention
Backflow preventers are designed and installed to prevent the backwards flow of water through a pipe and thus protect the public utility water we drink from contamination. These mechanical devices require regular maintenance like other appliances you have in your home. Homes and properties that have backflow preventers must have them tested once annually by a certified tester to make sure the device is in compliance, is functioning properly and that no repairs or replacements are needed. The backflow is tagged after inspection with the company name, date certified, expiration date, tester’s name and license number. After testing, the certification results are then recorded with the local city or county utilities department.

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