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Master Plumbers Quarterly Newsletter 2011 Edition 1


Plumb Funny:
How are plumbers and poker players alike?
Both know that a flush beats a full house.


Question of the Month:
I think I have a water leak in my home, but I don't see any water anywhere.  Also, my water bill is much higher the last few months.  What should I do and why could this be happening?

If water is leaking in your home and you don't see any water intrusion inside your home, you should conduct a few simple tests to isolate the problem.  The first test you should conduct is to test to make sure your toilets are not leaking due to a failed flapper in the toilet tank.  You can test the toilet with dye in the tank, or close the shut off valve to the toilet and see if the water level drops over a period of time.  When dye testing you can use food coloring or any non toxic water based dye.  Remove the tank lid off the back of the toilet tank, flush the toilet and watch the toilet flush properly.  Let the flapper close and the tank will begin to refill.  When the water level is a few inches above the flapper, add the dye. The tank will now contain colored water. Wait 15 minutes and check the toilet bowl. If there is dye in the bowl, the flapper mechanism is leaking and needs to be replaced.

The second test is to check your city water meter which is usually located within five to ten feet off the road or sidewalk in your front yard at grade level under a plastic or metal lid.  When you lift the lid there is a small cover plate covering the dial, lift it to see if the internal leak detector indicator is spinning (see the picture inset). Notice on the dial the small red triangle to the left center of the dial. This triangle should not be moving if no water is being used inside the home. If the triangle is moving water is passing through the system.

If the internal leak detector arrow is spinning you can isolate the leak with a few more tests. First, shut of the main shut off valve at the house and check the meter again, If the arrow stops spinning you know the leak is not in the main, but inside the home. The next step is to close the hot water supply and check the meter to see if the leak detector arrow is still spinning or not. This way you can isolate whether the leak is on the hot or cold side of the house.

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