Septic Inspections

Master Plumbers is routinely completing Septic Inspections for real estate transfers on local homes with septic systems. We offer an inspection service with dated photos, written reports, and a complete system inspection and flow test. We offer quick service so we always meet the deadlines for the inspections periods. With over 40 years of septic system experience, we can help you minimize you risk when purchasing a home with a septic system.

Septic system inspections are typically done for real estate transfer, and for systems that are malfunctioning. Our Septic Inspection service includes date photos, written report of summary check list within 48 hours, and the full point septic inspection. We check all of the components of the septic system which includes: opening both inlet and outlet access lids, inspection of tank lid and tank, inspection of tank walls and baffles, verification of solids outlet deflection device, inspection of outlet filters, and flow testing to insure flow from the house to the septic tank, and from the septic tank to the drain field. Should substandard or failing items be discovered, we provide prompt estimates so you can make timely repairs or home purchasing decisions.